May St, Aberfeldie

Location. 36 May Street Aberfeldie, Victoria
Category. Real Estate Marketing
Services. Project Branding, 3D Renders, Animation, Agents Flipbook, Brochure, Marketing Floor Plans, Website, Signage, Press and Mail Advertising, Interior Design & Specification.

With careful consideration for site and neighbourhood context, May St effortlessly encapsulates Aberfeldie’s natural surroundings whilst asserting a sense of individuality through its strong contemporary form. Masterful in their conception, this series of only two homes reimagine modern sophistication through a refined minimalist aesthetic, graceful curves and generous landscaping, creating an innate connection to the natural beauty of Aberfeldie without imposition. Textural, tactile and enduring materials have been chosen for their ability to age gracefully while providing a canvas for the architectural forms and aspects to enrich the neighbourhood streetscape.

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