Hotham Hill North Melbourne

Location. 5 Curran Street North Melbourne, Victoria
Category. Real Estate Marketing
Services. Project Branding, 3D Renders, Animation, Agents Flipbook, Brochure, Marketing Floor Plans, Website, Signage, Press and Mail Advertising, Interior Design & Specification.

Hotham Hill residences exemplify modern design in its highest form. Here, architecture, landscaping and interior design translate harmoniously into luxury living.

Tactile and aesthetically dynamic, Hotham Hill’s architecture is an expression of modern design and sophistication inspired by North Melbourne’s residential fabric. Designed by award winning MGS Architects as an homage to its historic locale, asymmetrical rooftops reference the form of surrounding heritage homes with classic, durable materials striking a balance between timeless design and contemporary innovation. Expansive glazing and generous floor plans imbue a sense of space and individuality.

Your dream home awaits. The home that reflects just what you and your family deserve.

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